On Saturday January 1, Brian Stann delivered a dominating performance in his bout with highly ranked Chris Leben.

Leben's coach Burton Richardson had the following to say on BJPenn.com, "First, great job by Brian Stann. He never looked better. Many have commented that Chris was very slow and looked off last night. The truth is that Chris was sick. He had a fever and chills when he stepped into the cage. He was vomiting in the locker room before the fight, and after a hard warm up he didn’t have a drop of sweat. Big heart to fight like that, but he was moving slow motion. He was very sharp in training. He will be back"

Stann dropped Leben with a hard right, but Leben was able to regain his feet after absorbing a few more strikes while he was on the ground.

Leben was not on his feet for long when another series of Stann punches dropped him to the ground. Again, he was swarmed by Stann and again he gamely regained his feet, but it was clear that he was badly hurt.

Stann dropped him a third time and he had no defense to offer and Josh Rosenthal, who gave Leben a significant amount of time to defend himself, was forced to stop the fight.

Stann, who had specifically asked for the fight with Leben, was humble in his victory, thanking Leben for taking the fight.