"I'm not going to be waiting for Anderson. I don't fight for Anderson, I fight for the fans."

This was Belfort's reaction when asked by Aaron Tru if he would wait for Anderson Silva to heal from his rib injury, or if he would fight before actually fighting Silva. This was five months ago.

In the end, Belfort did have to wait for the middleweight champion Anderson Silva to heal from his rib injury, and they are set to meet next month at UFC 126.

A lot of people comment on why "The Phenom" would get a title match against Silva without having fought once in the division and having been out of the promotion for so long.

Belfort's last win was a knockout against Rich Franklin at UFC 103 in September 2009. The fighters met at a catch weight of 195 pounds.

Almost a year-and-a-half later, having never fought in the middleweight division, Belfort gets a crack at the title.

Now, we all do remember that Chael Sonnen was getting a immediate rematch against the middleweight champ until he got suspended by the CSAC for testing positive at the UFC 117 screening. We all know that story and how it developed. Sonnen ended up getting scratched from the board and Belfort, who once before was scratched off to due to injury, now gets his chance.

Now all of that is behind, and Belfort gets his shot (and ate his words about not waiting for Silva). We can only wonder if Silva is fully recovered, and if this will be the last fight in his undisputed UFC run.

It's been a real quiet last few months for both fighters. Let's see if they jump on the hype wagon like other fighters did in 2010.

Who do you have for this fight?

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