Frankie Edgar Vs Gray Maynard: Edgar Retains Retains Championship in UFC 125

Frankie Edgar retained his lightweight championship Saturday against Gray Maynard in UFC 125.

Edgar battled Maynard to a draw at the MGM Grand, despite a thorough beating at the hands of Maynard in the first round.

Edgar battled back in the next three rounds to earn the draw and retain the title.

"Ending a fight in a draw is bittersweet," Edgar said. "You don't win but you don't lose."

However, the fight was controversial in the eyes of some, who felt the fight should have been ended in the first round and given to Maynard.

"I thought it could have been stopped in the first," said Maynard, also strong in the final round. "I dropped him like five times. He was all over the place."