At the UFC 125 post-fight press conference, UFC vice president Craig Borsari stated that Anthony Pettis would be Frankie Edgar's next opponent.

Before Edgar and Gray Maynard fought to a draw on Saturday night, the UFC had said that the winner of their bout would face Pettis, the WEC lightweight champion, in a title unification bout.

When Edgar and Maynard fought to a draw at UFC 125, a number of questions were raised since there was no winner of the fight.

Borsari's announcement was trumped shortly after it was made, when UFC president Dana White told that the UFC will be booking Edgar vs. Maynard III.

"We changed the plans," White said. "After Craig made the announcement, I had a lot of people talking to me, and the reality is, Gray Maynard deserves that fight. We had planned on doing Anthony Pettis next, but Gray went in there and fought his ass off and deserves another chance."

The rubber match between Edgar and Maynard is the right thing to do for the fighters and the fans, but it does leave Anthony Pettis hanging out there wondering what's next for him.

Pettis is holding onto a belt from a now defunct organization. Dana White and the UFC will have a hard decision to make as far as the future of Pettis and his WEC title strap are concerned.