Brett Favre, UFC 125 and 2010-2011 Bowl Schedule are the hottest trends this Sunday morning.

It's also the last day of the NFL's regular season.

The biggest question that we'd all like to find the answer to is: Will Brett Favre be able to play today?

In what many expect to be his last-ever football game as a player, the man who started 297 consecutive NFL games in his career could quite possibly end a 20-year NFL journey, watching from the sidelines.

We're also going over UFC 125, in case you're an MMA fan.

And, the remaining Bowl Schedule.

It was quite an entertaining treat to see the non-BCS busters from Texas Christian, complete their college football season with a Rose Bowl victory against Big Ten co-champions Wisconsin.

Those topics and all the other hottest sports new of the day will be here for your viewing pleasure.