In a fight that both fighters may have needed to continue working in the UFC Thiago Silva took home the victory over Brandon Vera.

Vera claimed he had his head on straight for this fight and he was ready to get back in the mix in the UFC. Instead Silva, who was coming off a year long break after suffering through some injuries, showed that he was back and ready to move back up the UFC rankings.

Vera showed some short glimpses of his old self, but once Siva took him to the ground he had nothing to offer and that was never more clear than at the end of the fight when Silva took to slapping Vera about his head. He then just toyed with him playing a drum pattern on his back between delivering slaps and punches to his head.

When Vera stood at the end of the fight, his nose was badly broken, but he does get credit for hamming it up to the crowd at the end and showing that mess of a nose to the camera at various angles.

It's unfortunate that the last image Vera offered in the UFC was his disfigured nose.