I'm picking up the action from the last minute and 50 seconds of round one.

If you're missing it, Baroni dropped Tavares early in the fight and showed great takedown defense as Tavares tried to implement his Wrestling.

He couldn't fight fire with Baroni's Wrestling fire, so what does he do?

He lands one hell of a right hook and follows it up with a flurry that fans of Tavares haven't seen since his run on TUF 11.

Josh Rosenthal steps in, as he''s seen enough, an this one is "see-ya, sucka!"

Tavares beats Baroni by TKO (Strikes) in R1

I wouldn't be surprised if Baroni was cut after this fight. As for Tavares, perhaps lining up this kid with guys more in his boat -- MAYBE CB Dollaway, Aaron Simpson, or Filthy Tom Lawlor, among others -- is the way to go about building Tavares up.

At first I thought Baroni had him, but definitely notable was the fact of Tavares hanging on and not turtling up when he got hit.

I don't know who Dana will have in mind, but the sky is the limit for Mr. Tavares.