Going into this fight BloodyElbow spoke to Davis (17-7) who summarized how he expects the fight to go, ?I'm gonna get cut. I'm gonna get beat up. Thank God my wife says that I get sexier and sexier with every new scar I get so I'm gonna look really good by the time I'm my UFC career is over...at least to her anyways. I'm going to get cut that night...I know that and it's a foregone conclusion. I'm going to be in that fight as everybody knows and he's going to have to knock me out or choke me out to get me out of there. I'm not tapping...it's just not happening?

Davis may be in a must win in this fight as he has gone 1-3 in his last four UFC fights.

Stephens is a powerful puncher but he may struggle with the size of Davis who is dropping down a weight class for this lightweight fight.

In the age the youth and power of Stephens (24) should prevail over the older Davis (37).