Hey bleachers, just some quick updates on the WWE-Brock Lesnar situation.

When he was asked if the rumors about Brock Lesnar leaving UFC for WWE he had this to say: “Not going to happen. He can’t leave the UFC. He’s under contract.” White goes on to ask the following regarding Lesnar at WrestleMania: “Like row 3, seat 16? Row 3, seat 16 in aisle 2 sounds good to me.”

Brock Lesnar currently has only one fight left under his current UFC deal but you can bet that they won't have that fight until after Wrestlemania, so at this point in time it would seem that there is no chance of Brock Lesnar returning at Wrestlemania or in the WWE at all.

Well that's all for now guys. Happy New Year!

Thanks to prowrestlingscoops.com for the news.