What else do you do to a guy? First, Dana White takes away his ability to make money by cutting him from the UFC for having, as Dana describes it, a bad attitude, and now Alistair Overeem manages to put a stop to what at one point seemed a promising MMA career.

That is the case of MMA heavyweight Todd Duffee.

After being cut abruptly from UFC after suffering his first career loss (a loss that came by way of devastating knockout from the right hand of Mike Russow in a come-back fashion), Duffee went silent.

In recent weeks it was confirmed to us by Strikeforce personnel that Alistair was facing Duffee at K-1 DREAM Dynamite at New Year's Eve in Japan.

Long story short, Overeem disposed quickly of Duffee, knocking him out cold in 19 seconds, first round.

Now, what will the repercussion of this devastating loss be for Todd Duffee?

After a second loss in a row and by way of demolishing knockout, will Duffee remain as a credible threat in MMA?

Who will offer him a spot now?

We all know Dana White is the kind of guy who will cut a fighter but will let him back in if he puts together a good string of wins and performances, but will this loss to Overeem shut the door on all hopes for a UFC comeback for Duffee?

Is it a safe investment for a MMA promotion to pick him up now?

These are all questions in the air right now. What do you think?

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