On Thursday December 30, the Canadian Press handed out their male athlete of the year award. The award, named after famed all-around athlete Lionel Conacher, was awarded to NHL superstar Sidney Crosby. The victory was Crosby's third straight Lionel Conacher Award.

When the votes were tallied, one name was suspiciously absent from the final count: UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre.

The runner-up to Crosby was National League MVP Joey Votto, Olympic gold medal skier Alexandre Bilodeau was third and Stanley Cup winner and NHL playoff MVP Jonathan Toews was fourth.

The press vote runs counter to the fan vote that was conducted by Canadian website sportsnet.ca. Sportsnet announced the results of their vote last week, which had St. Pierre being named Canadian Athlete of the Year.

The sportsnet vote was set up in a bracketed tournament format, but the fans in that vote had St. Pierre defeating both Votto and Toews on his way to a matchup in the finals against Crosby. St. Pierre received more votes than Crosby in the final, capturing his third straight title of Sportsnet Athlete of the Year.

The question that these results begs is, how and why are the press so out of touch with what the sports fans of Canada think?

Is St. Pierre viewed as a curiosity by the press and not a real athlete? Does the dislike for mixed martial arts run that deep that St. Pierre cannot even be acknowledged?

It's puzzling how on one hand Canada holds UFC attendance records, while on the other hand the mainstream press does not acknowledge one of Canada's best athletes.