Brock Lesnar may not be done with the UFC. It seems reports around the Internet were unfounded that put Lesnar on the outs with MMA. The blogosphere may have jumped the gun it seems.

Rumors began to swirl that the former UFC Heavyweight champion was considering an exit from MMA. That has now been recanted by Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer.

Yahoo Sports reports that, "Meltzer clarifies his statements and says there's almost no chance Lesnar will return to wrestling full-time. The former WWE star wants the best of both worlds. He desires the easy payday at Wrestlemania 27 and wants to continue making the big bucks in MMA."

Lesnar has one more fight left on his current contract. All thought are that he would like to compete in both arenas once his latest bout is done.

The talk of MMA retirement comes after Lesnar's latest defeat, a title bout to eventual champion Cain Velasquez.

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