Brock Lesnar: Does Brock Lesnar Still Want To Fight?

The legendary fighter, might be done with professional fighting, according a recent report by the Houston Chronicle.

"Now, it seems as though Lesnar doesn't really want to fight any more," wrote Jeremy Botter of the Houston Chronicle. "He's financially stable, and the Velasquez fight pretty much made him decide that he doesn't want to risk his health with this fighting stuff. He hasn't trained a single day since the Velasquez fight and hasn't returned any phone calls from Dana White in recent weeks. Instead, Lesnar has been hunting and spending time with his family."

After not being restricted from making WWE appearance because of his UFC contract, it seems as though Lesnar may be so upset at the UFC that he's decided to stop fighting for Dana White.

Botter also wrote: "It's no secret that Lesnar wants to accept an offer from the WWE to headline WrestleMania with The Undertaker. Vince McMahon made him an offer somewhere between 2 and 3 million dollars for one match. That's probably the easiest money in the entire world, and Lesnar wants to do it. But Dana White isn't going to allow Lesnar - who is under contract to the UFC - to participate, and there's a chance that Lesnar's lack of communication with the UFC is due to him pouting over not being allowed to wrestle."

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Sources: Brock Lesnar May Leave UFC, Eyes WWE Return