UFC 125 is one week away and the anticipation is just as exciting as opening your first Christmas present under the tree. UFC's Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar will defend his belt against the only person who gave him his first loss inside the octagon, Gray Maynard.

With the new year almost approaching, UFC 125 will test whether Frankie Edgar will have the "answer" to powerful "bully" Gray Maynard. Let's break down some key points on what will be an exciting main event at UFC 125.

Frankie Edgar displayed great timing, footwork, boxing and wrestling to outclass B.J. Penn at UFC 112 and 118. Their first encounter was considered by some to be a fluke. Edgar answered all the naysayers with total domination of Penn at UFC 118. If Edgar keeps the same style of fast footwork and wrestling efficiency, he can outmaneuver Gray Maynard for the win.

Edgar is a NCAA Division 1 wrestling expert, a purple belt in jiu jitsu, training with Ricardo Almeida and stand up with Kru Phil Nurse. The skills he developed were beautifully displayed in his last fight, leaving Penn confused and out of solutions throughout every round.

The only loss in Edgar's MMA career is from Gray Maynard who possess similar skills like Edgar but bigger and stronger. Maynard's strength was his main advantage that controlled Edgar in their first bout. While both are different fighters today than at UFC Fight Night 2008, Edgar should not engage into a wrestling type match with Maynard.

Edgar was able to take down B.J. Penn in the first round with ease and dominate on the feet, even kicking out Penn's leg during a stand up exchange. And Penn is considered to be one of the best lightweight fighters on the planet. However, Gray Maynard is a different type of fighter than Penn. Maynard is himself a NCAA Division 1 wrestling All American, a 2 time State Champion and has a solid stand up game.

Maynard has not lost any fight inside the Octagon and built an impressive resume of wins over tough opponents such as Nick Diaz, Kenny Florian and Roger Huerta. He dominated every fight with basic wrestling, ground and pound and kept his opponents off-guard with boxing and then shooting for the take down.

Maynard, like many wrestlers who turn to MMA as a career, brings a very dangerous package for any fighter in the lightweight division. Maynard is 2 inches taller than Edgar and most likely stronger than 2 years ago.

Edgar knows he was controlled by a strong wrestler in their first match. Maynard knows that if he can repeat UFC Fight Night 2008, he will walk out as the new UFC Lightweight Champion.

Edgar needs to move fast and work on sprawling and submission in the event he does get taken down. Having the pleasure of seeing Edgar work his stand up in person, he looks ready for anything and everything that Maynard has in store.

It is now just a matter of January 1, 2011 coming to reality and two phenomenal fighters putting all they have on the line. Only then will we discover whether Frankie will have the answer to the bully who wants to take away his title.