Manny Pacquiao is a great star, and ambassador for boxing. I just think Shane Mosley offers absolutely nothing for boxing fans to be excited about.

I've talked with both fighters in the past, and they have been gentlemen. It's nothing personal against either of them, and I always appreciated Bob Arum and his graciousness when I was the boxing writer for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. I just don't see how you can possibly sell this fight to the public, and expect a huge outpouring of support.

Of course, Arum has nothing to worry about in the Philippines. The entire country shuts down when he fights. Stories are practically written when he just walks out of his house. In the United States, though, it's a different story.

Sports fans have plenty of options on how they want to spend their money, and this won't hook them. A third fight with Juan Manuel Marquez would've been the best option, but that may not happen soon since Arum has a continuing feud with Marquez's promoter, Golden Boy Promotions. I would have even liked to see Andre Berto get a shot. Just like anywhere else, if you pay your dues, and keep improving, you deserve a chance to show what you've got.

A Pacquiao-Mosley fight has nothing to offer, and this fight could tank even more if one other thing happens. Imagine if Dana White decides to have a UFC title fight on the same night.