Anthony Pettis is the final WEC champion ever. The lightweight challenger took out defending belt-holder Ben Henderson in a unanimous decision on Thursday night, to clinch the final WEC title before the league becomes part of the UFC.

Pettis gave the league quite a sendoff, delivering one of the best fights of the year in the five round title fight. He also delivered what might be one of the best hits of the year near the end of the bout.

With just over a minute remaining in the fight, with the outcome still up in the air, Pettis sprinted up the side of the cage and delivered a thunderous kick to the defending champ's head, sending him to the mat. While the blow didn't finish the fight, it did play a major role in the 23-year-old's victory.

"We practice that all the time," Pettis said. "I've got 10 more of those kicks coming when I get to the UFC. How do you like that to end the WEC?"

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