Brock Lesnar has made a statement. He wants everyone to pay attention to it. He's a killer. A hunter. A ruthless predator. A bad ass.

"The Baddest Dude on the Planet."

UFC's top heavyweight attraction, who lost the Undisputed Championship in a brutal one round TKO to undefeated Mexican American Cain Velasquez, traveled with Versus Network's North American Hunter Television, Trophy Hunters Alberta and his long time sponsor Fusion Ammunition to Milk River, Alberta, where he braved over a foot of fresh snow and biting winds in his pursuit of his ultimate prey.

In a brand new video produced in conjunction with Fusion Ammunition and the Versus network, Lesnar is seen hunting in the Canadian outback, and killing a mature mule deer. The footage is amazing, because it looks like Lesnar and company crash landed in some Siberian wilderness. The video hit the Internet earlier this evening on the Heyman Hustle website.

It's the type of video reel that would make Sarah Palin proud, and Brock Lesnar gives UFC President Dana White a perfect video clip by declaring himself "The Baddest Dude on the Planet."

Lesnar obviously learned well from Vince McMahon in WWE, and it sure doesn't hurt to have Extreme promoter and marketer Paul Heyman available, since the two are writing Lesnar's autobiography together.

You can see the video here

Extended footage will air on Lesnar's episode of North American Hunter Television on the Versus Network in May, 2011.