Brock Lesnar is coming off an embarrassing loss to Cain Velasquez at UFC 121 and is anticipating his next fight. Though not announced yet, speculations have arisen that it could be against former IFL Champion Roy "Big Country" Nelson.

Lesnar and Nelson would be the wisest choice for the UFC at this point. These two heavyweights would make for a gigantic draw and may only be big enough to be held at UFC 131 in the 69,000 seat Rogers Centre.

The octagon may not be big enough to hold these two massive heavyweights. Just thinking about this fight has to have MMA enthusiasts going insane.

Though this is a very good route for the UFC to take with its former champ, it may not be the only option. The appealing proposition of Frank Mir vs. Lesnar for a third time would be hard to pass up.

Joe Silva and Dana White have to at least be considering that fight as well. I even felt as if those two could coach TUF 13 next year and fight as coaches afterwards. I'm not the bookmaker, though, so only time will tell.

Getting back to the Nelson-Lesnar bout now. Paul Heyman suggested this fight after Lesnar's loss to Velasquez. Heyman, also a great matchmaker really had his readers thinking about it after he pointed it out.

Maybe this fight would work and would be the biggest draw that the UFC has right now. That's all the reason more for them to jump on this idea and make this match for 2011.

Back at UFC 117, Nelson nearly earned the No. 1 contender slot to face Lesnar. Nelson's fight with Velasquez saw him take big shot after big shot and continue to eat them. His iron chin really stood out after this fight, as he never gave up.

This is a fight that the entire MMA community would love to see. It wouldn't necessarily have to be for titles or No. 1 contendership. This fight would just be about supremacy at heavyweight. Whoever knocks out the other would win.

For each fighter, this would be a great challenge and a true test of wills. So, what do you say, Joe Silva? Make this one happen in 2011.