Georges St.-Pierre shut up Josh Koscheck, and walked away with another dominating victory on Saturday night.

St.-Pierre (21-2) won their much-anticipated rematch, and it appears a fight with Jake Shields looms next year. But the talk has turned to a mega-fight with middleweight champion Anderson "Spider" Silva. UFC President Dana White hasn't ruled out the possibility, and a catch weight has been thrown about. St.-Pierre has also said if he moves up in weight, he'll want to remain there.

The question now exists: Is GSP the most complete champion?

It's definitely a compelling argument. The only other fighter who could enter the discussion is Silva, but many will say he's lost his aura after miraculously beating Chael Sonnen this summer.

Arguing this is almost like debating whether Kobe's better than Jordan, or whether you'd pick Peyton Manning or Tom Brady as the best quarterback in the NFL. You're splitting hairs.

But let's go at it. Here are five reasons why GSP is the most complete fighter, and five reasons he isn't:

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