Rogan notes the left hand and the left kick of GSP, two things that Rogan feels Kos will not be able to see if he takes more shots to the eye.

GSP landed some more painful shots to the leg and the eye of Kos throughout this round. Seriously, how Herb Dean doesn't consider stepping in by now to at least warn Kos about the eye is something beyond me, but I really don't want the fight to end this early.

The prideful Montreal crowd was chanting "F**K YOU KOSCHECK!" at the challenger, who ate a superman left from Rush.

GSP ate some shots from an otherwise-battered-up Koscheck, but the shots weren't enough to win him the round.

De Souza has this fight reading 20-18 St-Pierre right now.

I don't want to say anything early, but it seems like Koscheck is bothered by that eye -- much to the point of him seemingly hoping for GSP to slip up. Then again, it's Josh Koscheck we're talking about, so we know it doesn't matter if he really is banking on one of his swinging right hands connecting with GSP, just as long as Herb Dean doesn't call the fight over due to the eye and how it looks right here.