To give Mac Danzig the KO Of The Night Bonus in a match that I would have probably seen the Submission Of The Night happening, that says something.

I have to admit I didn't give Danzig a shot to win here, as I thought Stevenson was going to Guillotine Choke him in the third round.

Really speaking, the fight started out rather cautious on both ends, with both guys showing some good footwork but the only significant shots in the early seconds of the fight were that push kick Danzig threw and the overhand right Daddy threw.

Everything before that last shot of the fight was either a rather light punch or a quick kick to the shin.

Then Joe threw the overhand right again, but he may have thrown it a few too many times.

As Joe came forward to throw another successful right, Danzig backed up and threw the "Spider Hook".

Remember the left jab Anderson Silva threw to beat Forrest Griffin at UFC 101?

It was like that, except Danzig was a bit off balance when he backed up and threw the shot, plus it was a left hook followed by a few hammer fists on the ground, not a jab.

Fact is that two things happened:

Number one, Mac Danzig shut a hell of a lot of people up at UFC 124, and number two...

Daddy had himself a bit of a rough night.