UFC 124 was a night filled with excitement. No match was more scintillating than the marquee match up. Josh Koshcheck had been running his mouth all week, so Georges St. Pierre shut it. St. Pierre ruled the event with one of the more dominating upright performances in recent memory.

GSP decided to box his way to victory. His quick jabs quickly opened a wound over Koscheck's right eye. It was clear that he had trouble maintaining his composure with the open wound. After getting humiliated by millions of pay-per-view subscribers, Koscheck should a lot more humility.

He stated after the fight, "Georges St. Pierre is a true champion. I tried to do what I could to hype the fight up. Montreal, this was an amazing event, regardless of the outcome. I appreciate everything. Thank you so much. I hope I can come here one day and put on a better show for you guys. St. Pierre is the man tonight."

It is not easy to sing another man's praises when he just rearranged your face. I have to give it up for Koscheck for that.

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