UFC 124 went down last night and it was the first UFC for a long, long time that I tried to convince myself not to buy.

Not because the card wasn't tempting and not because i was concerned about shelling out another $50 (seriously, how much money do I give these people??) but because I've started to feel like my weekends have slowly but surely become no longer my own.

I can't remember the last Saturday night where I wasn't glued in front of the TV screaming at a bunch of pixels to punch another bunch of pixels in the face. But anyway .. It's 10.35 p.m, and I still haven't ordered the fight.. trying to convince myself that I might go and watch the new movie with Johnny Depp and Angelina (The Gods Are Good) Jolie.

When the reality of the situation hits me like a mild panic attack. "FUCK! I've already missed the first 35mins, there could have been a great fight! What about the rest of the fights? What if Kos delivers a huge right hand and demolishes the dreams of 23,000 Canadians right there in Montreal! what if they riot!?

"You know your not going to miss this fight so you might as well order now and not miss anymore precious face punching, arm twisting action…" anyway enough about my slowing-increase agoraphobia and onto the REAL FEEL.

This will be a short summary were I review the card, what i thought of the betting potential going in and next steps for the fighters as i see it. All of this without re-watching any fights, looking up any stats doing any research of any kind.. just based of what I was feeling as I watched the fights. Hence, the REAL FEEL… Why, you might ask?.. because it's different, it's fun and if you don't like it, you can suck my left nut.

Here we go…

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