UFC 124 results are out and Georges St-Pierre dominated Josh Koscheck last night, dominating the fight on the way to a unanimous decision.

All three judges scored the fight 50-45 in favor of the dominant St-Pierre who hasn't lost a round, let along a fight in more than three years. That's just a bit of how dominant he's been in the sport.

St-Pierre is one of the more recognizable fighters in the sport and he was fighting in front of a very pro-St-Pierre crowd in Montreal last night as he pounded Josh Koscheck into the mat.

"I know Josh Koscheck likes to throw his punches circular, and I'm a straight puncher, so the issue was to keep him on the outside and, if he came too hard, to go for the takedown. But he's a very good wrestler, and he's very tough," St.-Pierre said to the media.

St-Pierre ripped Koscheck to shreds, causing his eye to swell up in the ring, leaving him with a huge lump and then he proceeded to pick his opponent apart after the injury. Despite that level of dominance, St-Pierre didn't accomplish what he set out to do at the beginning of the night.

"At the end, I saw his eye was closed, so I tried to go with hooks to take him out, but he's very tough," said St. Pierre to the media. "I didn't reach my goal tonight. My goal was to take him out. Sorry, everyone."

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