Georges St-Pierre is still the UFC welterweight champion, is still the superior mixed martial arts fighter and still the better wrestler than Josh Koscheck inside the octagon.

Furthermore, his technique and tactic in UFC 124 have set a precedent in the evolution of MMA, a reference point in future fights, of maximizing the jab en route to a victory.

It rained left jabs last Saturday night at the Bell Centre in Montreal, and most fell on Koscheck's face, and many on his right eye, swelling it shut and reddish like a bruised tomato.

He jabbed with soul and rhythm, and notched another win for himself and famed boxing trainer Freddie Roach.

Add to that his countless inside leg kicks and three to four takedowns for another perfectly orchestrated performance that denied Koscheck of winning even a single round, unlike last time around when he conceded at least one.

And contrary to Koscheck's boast that he would hush the 23,000-plus hometown crowd, it was loud and raucous from start to their compatriot's strong finish.

Where do the champion and his twice vanquished foe go from here?

Traditionally, a fighter in any professional combat sport is not entitled to a third match versus the same protagonist if it will not be for a tie-breaker.

With Kos' second consecutive loss to GSP and with the last more devastating, the prospect of a rematch, especially in the near future, is dim.

The frustrated challenger can start a winning run again by avenging his losses to the two Thiagos: Paulo Thiago and Thiago Alves, the latter fresh from a convincing win against John Howard in the undercard.

Then maybe in a year or two he will fight for another title shot, either still against GSP or another top fighter.

If GSP decides to leave the welterweight ranks and his belt to campaign in the middleweight, a future rematch and championship fight versus Thiago Alves looms in the horizon for Kos.

GSP is a machine, constantly upgraded and pulling off surprises, methodically picking apart the best in his weight class.

Perhaps it is time to add more fuel and mass of steel to the rampaging cyborg who (or which) has left a blaze of destruction in the welterweight division.

Time to add more poundage and get it on with the winner of the championship in UFC 126: Anderson Silva or Vitor Belfort. (If it will be Silva and GSP beats him, he will also prove to Dana White and to all the fans who is truly the pound for pound king in MMA).

And yes, MMA will score another point against the boxing world if St-Pierre–Silva pushes through while Pacquiao–Mayweather, Jr. remains a fantasy.

But last Saturday night, boxing was also a winner and deserved credit with GSP jabbing his way to another emphatic and largely expected victory.