Georges St-Pierre put on a show for his native Quebec fans with a thorough technical dismantling of the brash, loudmouthed Josh Koscheck.

St-Pierre put in some training with boxing trainer Freddy Roach and it showed.

St-Pierre utilized his jab like no other before him has done in MMA competition and won himself a lot of fans in the process, especially among boxing enthusiasts who may not appreciate ground battles.

For many fans, despite his dominance as the pound-for-pound king, St-Pierre offers a less crowd pleasing style as he dominates on the ground in most of his fights. His stand-up battle with Koscheck showed his versatility and his remarkable endurance.

He opened up a huge welt over Koscheck's eye early in the fight and by the fourth round visibility was next to none for Koscheck but he still managed to go the distance.

St-Pierre won every round in a unanimous decision and stands alone in the 170 pound weight class.

A good question was asked after the match: Just who is there left for Georges St-Pierre to fight?

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