What was this, a NASCAR event? Everything was going left for Josh Koscheck, GSP's left jab that is.

Like Joe Rogan said almost a hundred times in the course of the fight, this has been the most jab-heavy fight I have ever seen in MMA.

Josh Koscheck simply had no response to anything Georges St. Pierre dished out, except for avoiding a couple takedowns.

Following the initial takedown right under the first thirty seconds, GSP's jab took over and never let up. One round in, Koscheck's right eye was almost completely shut. From then on, it was just a clinic of perfect technique by the welterweight champion.

Now, the fight is over and so is the trash talking but let's dig on that for a little bit.

All UFC and TUF fans have been exposed to more than unhealthy amounts of trash-talking by self-proclaimed bad boy Koscheck since the start of the latest season of TUF. Taking in Chael Sonnen's footsteps, Koscheck annoyed, disrespected, and bullied (or tried) everyone in his path inside the TUF house.

What gives? After so much trash-talking Koscheck not only lost as a coach on TUF, but also took a horrible beating from GSP, well, his left hand to be honest.

How far can you take the trash-talk game without backing it up?

What are the consequences for a fighter like KOS to not be able to back up months and months of false promises only to claim it was all to hype a fight in the end? A lot of people are not buying the jingle of "oh it was all to hype and promote the fight," especially when KOS didn't even want to touch gloves with St. Pierre at the beginning of the fight.

This year has been the year for this new way in MMA of "hyping" a fight but in all honesty, it hasn't worked for the ones doing all the talking.

Chael Sonnen fell under the triangle spell, again. Sean McCorkle who put on a very hilarious campaign of trash-talking against Stefan Struve also paid the price, and the most recent victim, Josh Koscheck, sent to the back of the bus, carrying with him the burden of all his words, words he couldn't back up.

GSP certainly thinks that either it will be a very long road back to the top for KOS, if he ever makes it back to the top.

Hopefully this will help fighters thinking of using the trash-talk technique to promote their upcoming fights to put in in perspective, it's not pretty to make all that ruckus and then have someone ridicule you with only one hand.

Congratulations to the amazing Georges St. Pierre on yet another awesome performance, and to Josh, you had it coming. Hope this experience (and the time it will take you to climb to the top again) serve as humbling experiences for you in your career and in life.

Thanks for reading.

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