Why the Multiple previews?

Because there's only so many words you can put in these updates, so we'll do it one at a time.

Truth is, Joe Stevenson should be the underdog if you consider that he hasn't fought since UFC 110, but he's not.

Mac Danzig is the underdog in this bout, and not just because people underrate his ground game or his own boxing.

Stevenson is a favorite in my eyes because Danzig has yet to marvel anyone in his last few fights, and tonight, a loss to Stevenson means Danzig's gone from the UFC.

Stevenson just needs to apply everything he knows and everything Greg Jackson has taught him -- in all three rounds if need be.

We don't know for sure what type of Mac Danzig we're going to get tonight. The guy could have extremely sick cardio tonight, for all we know.

In the same way Stevenson needs to make use of his own grappling and striking ability, Danzig needs to defend every shot Joe takes to force a tap and try to get himself into the more dominant positions.

If he comes into this fight the way he did against Clay Guida and Jim Miller, he can start searching for a few spots outside of the UFC because Stevenson is going to exhaust Danzig's gas tank and eventually get Danzig to tap out.

After that, a possible Stevenson vs. George Sotiropoulos bout for a shot at the champ might not sound too bad.

Stevenson def. Danzig via R3 Guillotine Choke