There's a reason why UFC 117 saw Jon Fitch take down Thiago Alves more than he did trade with him.

Guys like Alves you don't trade with.

Just ask everyone Alves has beaten, but don't tell it to John Howard.

The guy clearly believes his striking will be superior to Alves' own Muay Thai, which is bold coming from any man who fights Alves.

There's no two ways about this: someone's getting knocked the *bleep* out here.

Howard should use his Wrestling to keep Alves at bay but I don't see him doing that -- not when he's called out Alves' striking.

Likewise, Alves doesn't try to ever wrestle with anybody -- his whole game is his stand-up, and not too many people have gotten past that.

I see Howard pulling off the upset, but I know exactly how this ends whether Howard wins or not.

As I've said already, someone's getting knocked the *bleep* out.