Ultimate Fighting Championship competitor Maiquel Falcao, fresh off a victory over Gerald Harris at UFC 123, was arrested on December 3, 2010. The arrest was in relation to a 2002 assault charge. Authorities held Falcao for four days before releasing him with an 18-month probation sentence.

Falcao was detained, but not placed in jail on the years-old charge, which stemmed from an incident in a Brazil nightclub where a woman was assaulted. Falcao was not a professional fighter at the time of the incident and he claimed he was not involved in the assault.

Despite his claims of innocence, Falcao received a 24-month house arrest sentence on the original charge. He was also forced to pay a fine and complete community service. Eight months into the sentence he moved to a different residence and was told by his lawyer that the authorities would have no issues with him serving his sentence at the new address.

The authorities also required Falcao to check in with them periodically. That added wrinkle was not communicated to Falcao from his lawyer and he was deemed a fugitive.

Falcao and his management team have worked everything out and his probation will allow him to travel to and from Brazil in order to maintain his employment as a mixed martial artist.