Josh Koscheck has been doing what he does best leading up to UFC 124: talking trash to anyone who will listen to him.

He has done everything that he can to try and get into the head of his opponent, Georges St-Pierre. It might work with most guys but GSP is one of the most focused and intense fighters in the world today.

So is it possible for Koscheck to live up to all the talk that he has been doing?

There is only one way that he can possibly back up his talk and that is to defeat GSP and win the welterweight championship. He is in a position where anything less will not be a success.

That's an unusual thing to say, since the point of any sporting event is to win, but a lot of times guys can gain a lot by putting on a good performance in a fight that they aren't supposed to win.

Case in point, Chael Sonnen.

He got a title shot against Anderson Silva and no one gave him a chance to win. He did almost as much talking as Koscheck did prior to the fight and nearly came out of the fight as champion.

Sonnen lost in the end, but he gained a lot of respect from fans and fighters all over the world. Of course, he screwed that up when he got busted for steroids a little later on.

In this particular fight, Josh Koscheck has done anything and everything that he possibly can to get into his opponents head. He has made it known that he wants to be public enemy No. 1 when he walks into Montreal. He talks about needing this moment to beat GSP in Canada because of St-Pierre's legacy in his hometown.

If Koscheck were to come out in this fight and lose, as almost everyone thinks he will do, it will be considered a failure. Everyone will look at his trash talk and see that he couldn't back it up.

It doesn't matter what happens in the fight, anything less than a victory in this fight is unacceptable.

It's a vicious corner that Koscheck has backed himself into, but it is a position that he loves to be in and there is always a chance, no matter how small, that he can walk out of Montreal as welterweight champion.

Know all of the talk is over and all that's left is for Koscheck to show the world just how good that he is. If he can defeat a man that is arguably the greatest pound-for-pound fighter in the world today, all of the talk and all of the mind games will have been worth it.