The fight between Nam Phan and Leonard Garcia on Saturday December 4 was the first televised featherweight battle by the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Phan came to the bout after being eliminated in the semi-final of season 12 of The Ultimate Fighter by Michael Johnson via a split decision.

Garcia was originally scheduled to fight Tyler Toner on Saturday's card, but Toner was pulled from the fight in late November.

On Dec. 1, it was revealed that Garcia would be facing Phan on the finale.

The first round appeared to have gone to Phan as he was the aggressor, using strikes to control the action while Garcia seemed content to throw wild looping punches that occasionally landed, but did no damage.

Between rounds, Garcia's trainer, Greg Jackson, told him to stop backing up and he came out much more aggressive to start the second round. The big punches gassed him midway through the round and, when Phan noticed Garcia was tired, he dropped him to the ground. Garcia gave Phan his back and spent the rest of the round avoiding the choke. Phan was not able to get the choke, but he was able to control the round.

Garcia cut Phan early in the third round using his wild punching style. Phan again waited until Garcia was tired and then used strikes to gain the advantage. A clearly gassed Garcia spent most of the round with his mouth open and his hands by his sides.

When the fight was over, Garcia looked beaten, shaking his head as he walked toward his training staff.

When the judges cards were read, Phan looked stunned when the first card was in favor of Garcia, the next card was for Phan then the third and final one was for Garcia. Garcia won by split decision and the crowd reacted immediately, raining their disapproval down.

Joe Rogan attempted to interview Garcia, but the crowd chants of "bulls**t" were overwhelming.

In his interview with Phan, Rogan told him that he had the fight 30-27 in favor of Phan. The fans clearly think that Phan won and Rogan calls the judges out from the middle of the cage.

I would not be surprised if this fight ends up being called the worst judged fight in UFC history.