Alessio Sakara withdrew from UFC 122 after the fight card had already begun on November 13. The official reason for his withdrawal was "illness." No other explanation was offered.

Many speculated as to the reason why he pulled himself from the card in Oberhausen Germany, but no explanation was forthcoming from the UFC or Sakara until this weekend.

Sakara, posting a video blog, had this to say about pulling out of his scheduled fight against Jorge Rivera:

“Tuesday morning to Thursday night I had already started to feel bad, but I thought it was just my body dehydrating so I thought it was normal and then on Thursday night I woke up with a strong fever…all night I could not sleep because the fever would not pass. I was feeling really sick and on Friday, I was four kilos over my mark. We decided to continue with the weigh-ins despite the fever and we were hoping to recuperate by Friday afternoon.

“Because my body was sick with the flu I could not hold down liquids to regain my weight…vomiting, fever sweating. I called the UFC medical staff and they hooked me up to an IV drip to rehydrate me. Everything was done at the last minute.

“I want to especially thank the UFC staff because they could see I was not at 100 percent and they said 'If you aren’t at 100 per cent, don’t fight. When you are at 100 percent you can go in and get the knockout.' On Monday I returned to Rome and I was still not 100 percent. I went to the hospital for analysis and they think I contracted something from tuna fish as this was the only thing I ate the week before…they think it is a sickness from fish which led to a bad stomach virus."

UFC president Dana White paid both Sakara and Rivera for the fight, with Rivera also receiving the win bonus.

Sakara does not have his next fight scheduled, but Rivera is booked to take on Michael Bisping at UFC 127 which will take place in Australia in February 2011.