Michael "Slick" Vick plays the Chicago Bears in Chicago tonight at 4:15 EST. Should be a chilly night approaching freezing. The Bears hope that can cool off Vick, who's been red hot this season and is right on top of the MVP discussions. After his win against the Giants last week, there are reports that the Eagles might put the franchise tag on Vick after the season.

One year ago yesterday, Tiger Woods was involved in the car crash heard 'round the world. The car crash, despite damaging his SUV, was more damaging to him. It was the starting point of the unraveling of Woods's life and (some would say) golf game. Woods probably didn't have as happy a Thanksgiving this year as he did last year, with all the doom and gloom hovering over his head.

Since UFC 123, there were reports welterweight Matt Brown was cut from the UFC, but those reports could prove to be false, at least for now, as noted by MMAFrenzy.com. He's lost three straight bouts after losing to Brian Foster via second-round submission and he's 11-10 on the season.