All I can say here is "Damn."

One minute Gerald Harris was reveling in the fact of bringing MMA to a much wider audience with a KO win by slamming Dave Branch at UFC 116.

The next minute, MMA Junkie is reporting that Harris was released earlier today by UFC officials.

Some could have seen this coming—after all, his only UFC loss, a loss to Maiquel Falcao, turned out to be one of the most forgettable fights in MMA history as time, controversies and a lack of action caused the loudest chorus of boos expressed by any fanbase since Anderson Silva fought Demian Maia at UFC 112.

Others might feel that perhaps Falcao is also deserving of some sort of punishment if he is allowed to keep his job as a UFC fighter, as he knew he would've won the fight by decision, and yet he made zero effort to finish Harris in the third round.

Harris definitely didn't look like the same man who many felt could have been an eventual contender to the UFC Middleweight title one day, but the whole fight was marred with its own plagues and controversies that it hardly seems fair to pin all of the blame on Harris.

We've seen fighters in the past gas themselves out and the only time we've ever seen any news of them cut after the fight is when they lose—usually due to that loss being either the third or fourth loss in a row for the fighter in question.

Hopefully, Bleacher Report MMA will bring you more on this story as it develops.