When BJ Penn stopped Matt Hughes at UFC 123 with a series of punches in only 21 seconds, the Hawaiian added to an already considerable list of highlight-reel finishes.

Of his 16 career victories, only three have gone to a decision and most of the 13 that didn't were SportsCenter material if the UFC played that game.

That is to say, there's a whole lotta "wow" packed into the Prodigy's 24-fight resume.

Of course, the obvious question pursuant to a 21-second knockout of a UFC Hall of Famer is: Was this the best stoppage of Penn's career?

It's as subjective as a question gets, but what follows is an attempt to place the lightning-quick throttling of the former welterweight champion in proper perspective vis-a-vis BJ's other career stoppages.

Enjoy (either the list or ripping it to shreds).

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