At UFC 123, we may have witnessed the end of one of the great careers in UFC history.

Matt Hughes has done it all since beginning his professional MMA career in 1998. He has won championships, he is a UFC Hall-of-Famer, he has the most career wins in UFC with 18. There is nothing left for him to prove. He was one of the key guys that really helped turn UFC into what it is today. He is a star in the eyes of the fans and a very good draw for the company.

He was riding a great wave of success going into his fight with BJ Penn. He had won three straight fights and bringing back memories of his prime-fighting days.

All that was likely undone in 21 seconds at UFC 123. This was probably not the fight for Hughes to have in order to keep things going for him. He was going up against a guy that he had never really fared well against in the past, despite having a victory over Penn before. Plus, BJ Penn was going to be as motivated as he has ever been for a fight going into this fight.

BJ had everything to prove and Matt didn't have to prove anything to anyone. BJ caught Matt with a right on the jaw that had him looking up at the lights and seeing stars.

I don't think that Hughes is done, he can still do things and compete against quality competition. His days of competing with the upper-tier fighters are probably over. Having time to digest this fight, it's likely this was the best possible outcome for Hughes.

He wasn't thoroughly dominated for three rounds and looked awful. He tried to attack and he got caught with a punch. Matt Hughes will likely fight again, it just remains to be seen how much he has left in the tank.