BJ Penn is a man possessed. He needs to reinvent himself as a legitimate fighter again after two less than inspiring showings. He needed to get in better condition for fights. No longer can he get away just on pure talent alone.

At least for one night, at UFC 123, Penn showed that he is more than capable of living up to the task.

He made quick work of Matt Hughes and now has a date with Jon Fitch set at UFC 127 in February. What happens in that fight will likely determine BJ Penn's fate.

If he wins that fight, and assuming that Georges St-Pierre retains against Josh Koscheck and Jake Shields, it's entirely possible that we will have the third GSP/Penn fight.

It's abundantly clear that BJ is on a mission, and that includes fighting the best welterweight in the world. The first fight that GSP and Penn had was at UFC 58, a very good back-and-forth battle between the two. In the end, GSP got the split decision victory. The second fight was a complete slaughter. GSP took it to him and retained the welterweight championship.

So would a third fight be any different? Does BJ even want GSP again?

It's so tough to say whether a third fight would be different because the sport is so unpredictable. You may think you know something going in, and coming out it's something completely different.

To me, BJ undoubtedly wants another fight with GSP. This is his comeback trail and in order for him to complete it, he will have to beat the best in the world. BJ/GSP III can do big business, and it can help Penn get back the reputation he may have lost before.