Now that UFC 123 is done, it is time to look at the results of the main event between Rampage and Lyoto Machida.

More specifically, the aftermath of the main event.

These two men fought an extraordinarily close fight. Neither man seemed to be very close to ending it, though there was one good uppercut that Rampage landed in the second round that rattled Machida a little.

Rampage likely got the victory because he was the more aggressive fighter, which should come as no surprise given the two radically different styles of these men. Machida was backpedaling a lot and waiting for Rampage to make a mistake and leave himself open.

To Rampage's credit, that didn't happen.

In the final round, Machida finally found an opening and unleashed a melee attack on Rampage. But almost as soon as he attacked, Rampage started flailing his arms and landed some solid punches of his own.

When the horn sounded at the end of the third round, Rampage raised Machida's hand in victory.

They lined up in the octagon for the judge's decision. When Rampage heard that he won via split decision, his eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas.

He appeared legitimately shocked that he got the victory. For me, I don't pretend to try and understand anything about the 10-point must system.

But I probably would have had it 29-28 for Rampage.

In the post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, Quinton said that he would have to give Lyoto an immediate rematch. In looking at this fight, that would probably be the best thing for both these men.

For Rampage, it would give him a chance to come back and show that this wasn't some fluke victory. And that he really is working hard to get back to being what he once was.

For Machida, a rematch can be just what he needs to get things turned around. The way he ended the fight made it look like he had figured something out about Rampage.

And maybe, if he had just a little more time, he could have ended it.