He's known his for his kicka*s mentality on the big screen and is one of Hollywood's ultimate action stars, but it appears Jean Claude Van Damme is taking his on-screen persona to real life.

The 50-year-old actor released a video on YouTube in which he talks about dropping the tough guy acting gimmick and bringing that intensity we see in the movies back inside an actual ring.

Yes, you read that right.

Van Damme may be halfway to 100, but that's not going to stop the action star from participating in his first legitimate contact fight in 27 years.

But don't expect to see him stepping foot inside the octagon in the UFC.

Van Damme will take on Thailand's Somrak Khamsing in a professional kickboxing match.

The match, which will be promoted by Japan's K-1, is scheduled for April 2011 in Russia.

Prior to his movie career, Van Damme participated in 22 full-contact Mixed Martial Arts fights, compiling an impressive 20-2 record.