At UFC 123, BJ Penn looks to get things back on track against Matt Hughes in their third fight together with each man having won once. BJ Penn has lost his last two fights, both lightweight championship matches to Frankie Edgar.

Now, Penn comes into this fight needing to get his momentum back and return some of the shine to his slightly fading star.

Simple, easy analysis would be to have Penn look at the tape from the first three rounds that he has had against Hughes. That would be the first round of their first fight and the first two rounds of their second fight.

In those three rounds, BJ Penn was absolutely dominant. He took apart Matt Hughes in every conceivable way. However, something went wrong with Penn starting in the third round of their second fight.

BJ Penn was dominating Hughes for the first two rounds then it appeared as though Penn was replaced by someone who looked like Penn, but wasn't really him. It turned out that Penn had injured his ribs and this allowed Hughes to get him down and get the KO victory.

The key in this fight will be for BJ to get back to doing what BJ does best: Use his quick strike ability and superior ground game to be able to go for the submission victory.

BJ Penn needs this fight because of what has happened with Frankie Edgar. He has Hughes' number and very likely would be 2-0 against him if not for an unfortunate rib injury that seriously affected him.

In analyzing this fight, Penn should win it. It will be interesting to see if he is able to.