Jorge Rivera will likely need to end this fight in the early going. He is 38 years old, compared to Alessio Sakara who is 29, so he will be at a stamina disadvantage. He is going to want to do what he does best: Come out swinging and use that punching ability to get Sakara down.

If Rivera is able to come out and start landing punches and control the fight from the get-go, then he can knock out Sakara. Rivera is coming off one of his best performances in the Octagon, where he was able to knock out Nate Quarry in March at a UFC Fight Night event. His punching was nearly flawless and he was able to score a victory over Quarry.

However, Quarry is the same age as Rivera and likely doesn't have as much in the tank as Sakara will. The age difference and stamina could make the biggest difference in this fight, given that these two share a similar fight style.

In the end, for Rivera to win this fight it will be key for him to come out and give a performance like he did against Nate Quarry, in which he comes out swinging and lands critical punches to Sakara.

If he is able to do that then he can walk away with a victory and move his win streak to four fights in a row. If he's not able to do that, he could be in for a long night (or short night depending on how you look at it).