Today, Dana White announced that WEC would be merging with UFC after the December 16 WEC show. He also said that the bantamweight and featherweight championships would be coming to UFC. This announcement isn’t a huge surprise. Since it’s owned and operated by the same people there has been speculation for a long time about a potential merger of the two brands.

This is only good news for fans of UFC for a number of reasons. First, it opens up the company to different championships and even more potential big money fights. In fact, according to the Wrestling Observer website, Jose Aldo will be defending the featherweight title on the New Year’s Eve show. This will open up the audience that might not have seen Aldo fight before.

Aldo is a fantastic fighter whose popularity will only grow now that he will be a part of the biggest MMA company in the world.

In addition to Jose Aldo defending his championship, the winner of the Ben Henderson vs. Anthony Pettis WEC lightweight title fight on December 16 will face the winner of Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard. So very quickly we will be getting new fights and it will be interesting to see how the WEC guys are able to fare versus the UFC guys.

Also, the merger means that there is a new deal with the Versus network that will broadcast four UFC fights next year and more to come after that for sure. It means much more national exposure for the company and will add even more intrigue and interest for UFC, which is already as popular as it has ever been. This is a big day for UFC and WEC and fans of MMA everywhere.