Longtime WWE color commentator Jim Ross discussed in detail both Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez after watching UFC 121.

On his website JRsBarBQ.com, Ross exclaimed that he thought Lesnar still had a long, lucrative UFC career ahead of him, expecting him to bounce back better than ever after his disappointing title loss.

Ross also gave Velasquez all the credit he deserved and then some, also agreeing with the way the UFC marketed Velasquez’s heritage leading up to the much-anticipated event.

As expected though, good ole’ JR, as he is often referred to within WWE circles, touched on the possibility of Brock Lesnar again stepping into the wrestling ring to take on the legendary Undertaker.

For those that are not up to date on how this is even a discussion, the Undertaker was in attendance at UFC 121 and was interviewed after Lesnar lost. The Undertaker spoke about his appreciation for the sport of MMA, and how shocked he was to see Brock lose in such a dominant fashion.

As Brock walked past the Undertaker making his way to the locker room, the two men stared each other down with the Undertaker uttering, “you wanna do it?” before Lesnar walked away. Interviewer Ariel Helwani asked the Undertaker what he said to Brock and he said, “it’s a personal thing” and held back on commenting on the matter any further.

It is really a 50/50 split among fans regarding whether or not this event was staged.

With the background covered, let us get back to Ross. For what it is worth, he did not feel that the event was staged, citing instances where Helwani interviewed Steve Austin and Bill Goldberg at UFC events where no stories developed in either instance.

WrestleMania 27 is taking place in Atlanta’s Georgia Dome, and is the WWE’s biggest annual event. This has led to speculation that this is where the epic showdown between the two big men would occur.

Still, JR is not buying it. As most MMA fans can relate, Brock has many years left in what is a young MMA career. Seeing him move in reverse now would be quite a surprise.

Brock has traveled a long road to be taken seriously as a legitimate athlete again; why would he want to throw that all away?

Ross also acknowledged how Brock could see a huge payday from the event, but it is not like he is hurting for money.

Lesnar made $400,000 at UFC 121 in a LOSING effort, and there are whispers that he could earn over $1 million after incentives are cashed in.

JR also acknowledged that one reason Lesnar left the world of professional wrestling was to avoid the hectic 250-plus workday schedule in a given year.

No amount of money could make Brock return to that, and although the goal is just one match for now, Vince McMahon and the other WWE higher ups would certainly try and persuade the former “Next Big Thing” for more if things went off without a hitch.

The last point is that it is incredibly hard to imagine the UFC and WWE ever working together in any capacity.

This is why it is hard to think the Brock-Undertaker “confrontation” was staged. In all likelihood it was probably just another example of Vince McMahon doing a good job of keeping his talent in the spotlight, but there is no way he had this planned out with Dana White.

This is just one writer’s opinion of course, but it seems pretty logical, doesn’t it?

Furthermore, Ross also points out that there is no chance White would allow Lesnar to return to the UFC after wrestling for the WWE again.

Seems like a pretty spot-on statement there. White prides himself on the UFC being a legitimate sport with real athletes. If Lesnar got involved in the sports entertainment side of things again, there is next to no chance that White would turn a blind eye. He would certainly be angry about the decision, and likely cut ties to Lesnar from there to prove a point.

Is the Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 27 impossible? No. For all we know, Brock is seriously considering retiring from MMA after getting his brains bashed in by Velasquez.

That is a highly unlikely scenario though, so for now, consider seeing Brock in the wrestling ring again as nothing more than highly unlikely.