It's late Tuesday afternoon, but the sports stories continue to flood the net and the news.

So, from Brock Lesnar to LeBron James to the latest events circling the Miami Heat, let's quickly break down today's greatest sports talk.

First and foremost, questions still abound over Cain Velasquez' first-round TKO defeat of Lesnar at UFC 121 to claim the heavyweight title, mainly regarding rumors and accusations of illegal blows.

More on that later.

Plus, check out the latest remarks and responses to LeBron James' latest advertising campaign for Nike.

For the Cleveland Cavaliers and their fans, the feedback has been anything but smooth and at times has been filled with angry wrath.

And, if that's not enough to grab your attention, the LA Times is also reporting that Las Vegas oddsmakers disagree with the public's view of the Heat beating the Lakers in the 2011 NBA Finals.

All that and much, much more to follow...