In response to the aforementioned letter from mixed martial arts fan Ashley Graham accusing Cain Velasquez of illegal punches to defeat Brock Lesnar at UFC 121, Yahoo Sports' Kevin Iole wrote the following:

"Ashley, the finish of the fight occurred directly in front of where I was sitting, plus I have watched the replay several times. There was nothing illegal that occurred. Just before the closing sequence, Lesnar stumbled from one side of the cage to the other," Iole wrote on Oct. 25.

"When he regained his balance, Velasquez landed a combination of punches that hurt Lesnar. Then, Cain landed a knee that sent Lesnar stumbling toward his right. He was clearly hurt at this stage. Cain followed with a right that landed on the ear, which is legal.

"Brock went down and Cain finished it on the ground. Nothing untoward occurred and the result won?t be overturned, nor should it be."