Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White was recently interviewed by Broadcasting & Cable magazine's Ben Grossman. White had some interesting things to say concerning the future of the UFC.

The two biggest take aways from the interview were that the UFC will be on network television in 2011 and that the UFC has plans to start its own network.

When asked if the UFC would be on network television, White responded, "Yes, we will. We are working on some things right now. I just can't talk about it at all because we are right in the middle of it."

Grossman's follow up question meant to draw the normally verbose White out even further did not elicit much of a response. When asked about the possibility of filling a hole in Fox's Saturday night programming, White responded, "We're in the middle of this stuff, we can't talk about it, but it's all common sense."

When asked about a UFC network, White had this to say, "Sports Business Journal just came out with a survey asking big names in the industry which sport could start its own network, and four out of five said us. They are right. I agree. That will happen within the next couple years."

White, who had just finished appearing on ESPN, was then asked about the UFC's relationship with that network, "You are starting to see now ESPN is starting to cover us more. I think this is one of those things ESPN will probably kick themselves in 10 years saying, 'We could have f**king had that.'"