Brock Lesnar was supposed to cement his place as the face of UFC by beating Cain Valesquez Saturday night.

It didn't quite work out that way.

Despite a 20-pound advantage in size, Lesnar looked overmatched after getting off to a quick start against Cain.

With Cain winning by TKO, Dana White's new heavyweight champ isn't exactly an engaging personality or very comfortable around the camera.

He is simply a fantastic fighter.

Even without Lesnar winning, UFC is clearly heading in the right direction.

The next big bout featuring Cain could take place in Mexico and should draw considerable attention.

There's nothing more appealing to sports fans than the notion of competition.

With UFC continuing to grow, you get the feeling that the most hyped fight has yet to happen.

Who wants a rematch?

It will be interesting to see what steps White and his UFC team take to promote the heavyweight champ in the coming months.