From UFC 121 to Brett Favre to Cain Velasquez, Sunday's top sports headlines cover a little bit of everything.

In Saturday night's much-anticipated UFC 121 title bout featuring Brock Lesnar, Cain Velasquez took down the former undisputed heavyweight champ in the very first round.

In addition, according to, WWE star "The Undertaker" confronted Lesnar on camera—in what appears to be a work, Kid Nate writes on the site.

More on the Lesnar/Undertaker confrontation following last night's UFC main bout will be addressed later.

Also, numerous stories have surfaced concerning Brett Favre about the Minnesota Vikings quarterback admitting to making phone calls and leaving messages on Jenn Sterger's cell phone.

But, according to Fox Sports reports, Favre has not admitted to sending her photos.

Fox Sports also confirmed that the battered Vikings QB has admitted to leaving voicemails for Sterger.

Let's move on by taking a quick and solid glance at Sunday's top sports news...