Brock Lesnar made his highly anticipated debut in the Ultimate Fighting Championship on February 2, 2008, at UFC 81 in a bout with Frank Mir, which he lost.

Lesnar was a WWE hero, and it was highly questioned whether his wrestling success would transfer over to Mixed Martial Arts. Brock proved that he was indeed worthy of championship status, after a brutal beating of Heath Herring, and finally earning the Heavyweight title against Randy Couture in UFC 91.

However, Lesnar was beat down by Shane Carwin, despite retaining his belt in his last bout, and it was the first time the UFC world saw that he was, in fact, vulnerable.

Cain Velasquez delivered a beating far worse that Carwin's on Brock Lesnar last night, which leads us to this question: Is Brock Lesnar's loss bad for the UFC?

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